Kim Da Mi Unrecognizable Success In New Photoshoot, Agree?


Kim Da Mi Shared Some Of Her New Photo Shoots To Promote The Luxury Brand Fendi Through Her Personal Instagram Account, Causing A Stir Because It Looks Different.

South Korean celebrities often do photoshoots to promote certain brands. Not a few even end up collaborating with well-known luxury brands.

This time, it was Kim Da Mi who showed a different charm in her new photoshoot. Kim Da Mi underwent a photo shoot to promote the luxury brand, Fendi.

Kim Da Mi appeared with several new collections from this Italian brand. The beautiful actress who was born in 1995 has succeeded in getting the spotlight because she looks very different in the concept of her photo shoot this time.

Kim Da Mi appears with a bold make-up style , different from the image that is attached to her. Kim Da Mi also looks sexy in her new photoshoot, which is different from usual, which often looks fresh like a young person.

Fans were also fascinated by Kim Da Mi’s appearance in her portraits released by W Korea. Kim Da Mi’s interview will certainly be released soon considering that she will be filling in the new edition of W Korea.

The fans were busy giving praise for the appearance of the main character of the drama “Our Beloved Summer”. Not a few who claim to be pangling with Kim Da Mi’s new appearance.

” Damiya, how can you quickly turn into a sexy girl, ” exclaimed one fan. ” You are very cool, ” said another. ” She can do everything, from cute girl to sexy figure!! totally blown away, ” another I. ” Very cool, honey! Look at your amazing appearance, ” another complimented.

Meanwhile, in early May it was revealed that Kim Da Mi decided not to renew her exclusive contract with the Andmarq Entertainment agency. He is known to have been at the agency since the beginning of his acting debut in 2018. Until now, there is still no news that Kim Da Mi has chosen a new agency.

Kim Da Mi herself made her official debut in the film “Romans 8:37” in 2017 as a supporting actor. His name soared after beating thousands of people for roles in the movie “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion” in 2018. In 2020, Kim Da Mi also captivated in the drama “Itaewon Class”. Late last year and early this year, Kim Da Mi received a lot of love thanks to the drama “Our Beloved Summer”.


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