Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM Looks Innocent During ‘Seoul Festa 2022’ Rehearsal, Sleepy Eyes Become Gossip Material

During The ‘Seoul Festa 2022’ Dress Rehearsal, Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM’s Appearance Without Make-Up Successfully Became A Byword. His Facial Features To His Sleepy Eyes Had Stolen The Attention To Be Compared To This.

Some time ago, LE SSERAFIM also enlivened the “Seoul Festa 2022” which was also attended by many K-Pop stars. Pictures of the LE SSERAFIM members were spreading around the dress rehearsal, but Kim Chaewon’s innocent appearance without makeup quickly became the subject of gossip.

Before performing, LE SSERAFIM did a dress rehearsal. Of course they wore simple clothes and makeup. Even Kim Chaewon didn’t wear makeup and let her sleepy eyes that were half-opened to be seen as she was in front of many people.

As soon as Kim Chaewon’s rehearsal photos spread, netizens were busy talking about it on online forums. There are even a number of netizens who compare Kim Chaewon’s face as a child and now. Korean netizens are amazed by Kim Chaewon’s face which looks the same as his childhood photo.

“But his face looks sooooooo small,” said one netizen. “Wow he really grew up with the same appearance,” said another netizen. “He.. looks the same..?? What? How did he grow up to look the same?” added another.

Praising the proportions of his face, netizens highlighted the size of Kim Chaewon’s eyes, which look big even though he looks sleepy. Kim Chaewon is considered too cute to appear without make-up in public.

“His eyes… half open but… bigger than mine…,” commented a netizen. “Seriously, too cute,” continued another netizen. “He doesn’t lose even when people take pictures of his face without makeup,” said another.

Meanwhile, Kim Chaewon debuted for the second time with the girl group LE SSERAFIM since May 2. Since debuting with a new concept, Kim Chaewon has often attracted attention because of her image that looks different from before.

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