Kevin The Boyz ‘Report’ Journey To Jakarta Ahead Of ‘THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR’ Concert


Ahead Of The Boyz’s Concert Titled ‘THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE IN JAKARTA’, Kevin Gave The Latest News To His Fans Who Were Traveling To Indonesia.

The Boyz concert “THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : THE B-ZONE IN JAKARTA” which will soon be held in Jakarta has been getting impatient responses from fans for a long time. After several schedule changes, this IST Entertainment boy group will finally hold a concert and meet fans in person.

Reported on Saturday (9/7), The Boyz provided an update regarding their departure for a concert tour this July. This news was given directly by one of the members, namely Kevin , who announced that he wanted to fly to Jakarta.

Through The Boyz’s official Twitter account, Kevin seemed to show off a selfie hugging a doll and sitting in the plane seat before takeoff. Kevin seems to have written a short caption but when it is interpreted systematically in Indonesian it reads, “Jakarta, your girlfriend will come soon “.

Of course, The Boyz’s departure to Jakarta immediately reaped an extraordinary response from fans. They flocked to give greetings to fly safely as well as to thank him for his sweet words.

In the midst of Kevin’s words, who gave an update regarding this matter, he gave many funny comments. There is even an old upload from The Boyz who has visited Indonesia and uses Indonesian slang, “Seyeng, see you later” .

In addition, previously, the schedule for The Boyz’s concert to Jakarta had been postponed twice. Previously The Boyz was supposed to be scheduled for a concert on July 9.

However, to honor the religious event of Eid al-Adha 1443 Hijri, the promoter has pushed back the schedule to July 10. Unfortunately, the Indonesian government’s decision based on the isbat session held by the Ministry of Religion announced that the Eid prayer would be held on July 10.

As a result, the promoter again postponed The Boyz concert schedule on July 11. Although there were complaints, this concert was still in demand by Indonesian fans.

Meanwhile, The Boyz will hold its concert “THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : THE B-ZONE IN JAKARTA” on July 11 at Tennis Indoor Stadium Senaya. The concert event will begin on July 11.


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