Kazuha’s Unusual Action While Filming LE SSERAFIM’s MV Makes Head Shakes

Kazuha’s Unusual Action While Filming The LE SSERAFIM Music Video Has Successfully Attracted The Attention Of Netizens. Curious What The Reason Is? Check Out The Excerpt And Full Explanation Below.

On Saturday (14/5), LE SSERAFIM released the second MV shooting video from their first mini album, titled “FEARLESS”. After this video was released, netizens’ attention was focused on Kazuha who showed an impressive action.

At first the members filmed a scene where they sat in a red sports car. During this moment, Kazuha showed incredible flexibility that caught the attention of both fans and netizens.

Kazuha sat at the door on the left while posing very gracefully. As soon as filming started, she showed off her flexible waist by bending her body like a “folding cell phone”.

The scene immediately became a netizen conversation. Many suspected that Kazuha was bending her back with the support of the car door, but she only used the strength of her waist during filming this unusual scene.

The moment is also displayed very nicely in the music video. This 2003-born idol even acts as if he will be left behind by opening his arms wide, so that his charm looks even more elegant.

In the end, Kazuha’s cool but unusual action succeeded in making netizens shake their heads. They expressed their surprise with various comments such as the following:

“I can’t believe he just used the strength of his waist for that scene,” said one netizen. “If I watched it on set, I would definitely scream in shock,” added another netizen.

“His strength is extraordinary because he used to be a ballerina,” said another netizen. “This makes me keep shaking my head. She’s really amazing!” concluded other netizens and much more.

Previously, Kazuha also showed her versatility when appearing on ” Weekly Idol “. In the broadcast, he surprised everyone by bending his body up to 90 degrees with his legs spread wide during the Limbo challenge.

LE SSERAFIM itself officially debuted on May 2 with the mini album “FEARLESS” featuring the title track of the same name. Production of LE SSERAFIM’s debut song was directed by Bang Si Hyuk , with the remaining credits being completed by the production team of 13, singer-songwriter BLVSH to American pop artist, Destiny Rogers.

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