Karina Aespa Shows How To Open Snack, It’s Easier But Must Be Out Immediately


The Reason Why Karina Likes BeBe Is That It’s Not Very Flavorful, Allowing Karina To Eat More Cakes Without Making The ‘Girls’ Singer Sick.

aespa revealed their favorite snacks with First We Feast, taking a few trips down memory lane while enjoying the food. Here, Karina shows her unique way of unwrapping snacks.

Each member shares two of their favorite snacks, and while some are internationally popular like Giselle ‘s Pepero, NingNing ‘s Cinnamon Toast Crunch , or Winter ‘s Honey Butter Chips , others are domestic favourites. Two of Karina’s favorite snacks, in particular, are some of Korea’s hidden snacks.

Karina’s first favorite snack was BeBe, a milk-flavored cookie marketed to children. The reason why Karina likes BeBe is because it’s not very flavorful, allowing Karina to eat more cakes without making her sick.

Karina has eaten BeBe since she was a child and still can’t move on from her favorite snack. Apart from that, Caramel Maple Corn is another of her favorites, and it’s also her mother’s favorite snack, especially as anju (a snack eaten with alcohol).

Apart from introducing fans to their favorite snacks, Karina also teaches them a new snack hack . This method of opening Karina-style snacks is very convenient when relaxing at home because it is more difficult to spill because the snack bag is spread evenly.

It also prevents an explosion, which often happens when we try to open a snack from the top of the package. Of course, if we opened the snacks in Karina’s way, we would have to finish the whole pack at once, but that wasn’t a difficult thing to do.


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