Kang Ha Neul With Other Players In New Poster, ‘Insider’ Production Team Promises Thrilling War

In The New ‘Insider’ Poster, Kang Ha Neul Is Confronted By Other Characters Who Are Ready To Show Off A War Full Of Wit Intrigue And High-Level Psychological Combat.

JTBC’s upcoming drama, ” Insider ” has released its group poster ahead of its premiere. Not only Kang Ha Neul , the characters Lee Yoo Young , Heo Sung Tae , Kim Sang Ho , Moon Sung Geun , Kang Young Seok , and Heo Dong Won were shown to viewers.

Carrying the action theme, “Insider” is a suspenseful drama about Kim Yo Han (Kang Ha Neul) who falls into the abyss during an investigation and struggles to regain his good fortune. There will be meticulous brain battles, high-level psychological warfare, and hot action on the board game where their passions are intertwined.

A man’s desperate revenge against a world that brought him to ruin presents a thrilling catharsis. Above all, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Yoo Young, Heo Sung Tae, Kim Sang Ho, Moon Sung Geun, Kang Young Seok and Heo Dong Won further optimized the genre with their acting that raised expectations.

In the new poster “Insider”, Kim Yo Han amplifies curiosity by showing the characters who will play with him. Despite being injured in an accident, Kim Yo Han prepares to open a tightly closed door and jump into another world. “As long as I live, this chapter will never end,” said the text on the poster.

The other characters also show how tough they are. First, there is Oh Soo Yeon (Lee Yoo Young), a businessman with a polite and eye-catching smile. Kim Yo Han and Oh Soo Yeon will become swords for revenge. The high expectation of the synergy between Kang Ha Neul and Lee Yoo Young, which will draw their relationship even more, makes viewers both curious and shudder.

The aura of Yoon Byung Wook (Heo Sung Tae) emitting clear eye light even in the dark triggers a strange vibration. Viewers are looking forward to how Heo Sung Tae will return to being a “legendary villain” after his appearance in ” Squid Game “.

The presence of Mok Jin Hyung (Kim Sang Ho) and three other characters will add tension to Kim Yo Han’s struggle outside prison. Mok Jin Hyung is a character that makes Kim Yo Han an “insider” and a prosecutor with a distinct charisma.

In addition there is Do Won Bong (Moon Sung Eun) who once rocked the world of politics and business. Kang Young Seok as Jang Sun Oh, a young genius player and Heo Dong Won as Yang Joon, the head of the cartel “The Skin Nation”. Among the seven players with different goals, which of them will win at the end.

Along with the release, the production team said, “The characters’ battles entwined like old cobwebs add to the tension to maximize the fun of ‘Insider’. The hot synergy of acting masters who are opposite enemies in a splendid network will be the best point of view.”

Meanwhile, the question mark in the minds of viewers can be immediately resolved in “Insider” which will start broadcasting on June 8. As a substitute for ” The Green Mother’s Club “, this drama occupies the air slot every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 local time.

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