Kang Ha Neul Adapts Convict Life, ‘Insider’ Production Team Promises Thrilling Fun


JTBC Has Shared Photos Of The ‘Insider’ Scene Where Kang Ha Neul’s Character Meets Unexpected People In Prison. The Production Team Promises There Will Be Fun In This.

Welcoming the premiere episode, ” Insider ” shared footage of a scene that has many clues. JTBC revealed a glimpse of how Kang Ha Neul ‘s life was while in prison.

“Insider” is a suspense action drama about Kim Yo Han – a judicial trainee who experiences a crisis while going undercover to investigate a corruption case. Eventually, he struggles to try to get hold of the card that changes his fate. While languishing in prison, Kim Yo Han begins to plot revenge for his betrayal.

The latest stills show Kim Yo Han entering the lawless zone, Seongju Prison. The portraits have a number of prominent points by showing Jang Sun Oh ( Kang Young Seok ) to style as freely as possible as if he were living outside a prison. Although he is in uniform like the others, he is the true force in the prison who orders the inmates even in front of the warden.

In addition, Kim Yo Han is also involved in a meeting with Song Doo Chul ( Choi Moo Sung ). As gangsters and gamblers alike, viewers can look forward to learning what kind of deal the two of them make.

While adapting in prison, Kim Yo Han is also being watched by Noh Seung Hwan ( Choi Dae Hoon ). With Seongju Prison made up of hierarchies like a food chain, Noh Seung Hwan is an inmate who is wary of Kim Yo Han. Even though Kim Yo Han had succeeded in using his evil and flat face as a shield, he still had to be wary because Seongju Prison was a place built to ward off insiders.

Lastly, Kim Yo Han is shown covered in blood after being viciously attacked. With insiders, observers, powerhouses, and antagonists all mixed up in one place, the way this character has survived has intrigued viewers so much that it continues to be questioned.

Along with the stills, the production team promised, “Seongju Prison is a place that restricts Kim Yo Han’s movement, and although it is a hell covered in ruins, it is also a ‘stage’ where growth occurs. Inside, a strong personality is born, greed is born. individual, and Kim Yo Han’s transformation will bring thrilling pleasure.”

Meanwhile, “Insider” can be watched on June 8. Replacing “Green Mother’s Club”, this drama fills the air slot every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 local time.


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