Kang Dong Won Refuses YG Entertainment To Post His Photo?

YG Entertainment Doesn’t Seem To Share A Portrait Of Kang Dong Won At All Even Though He’s Currently Busy Promoting His New Film, ‘Broker’. At The Request Of The Actor?

Kang Dong Won is known to be one of the most secretive South Korean actors. Kang Dong Won is known to not even have a personal social media account.

Currently, Kang Dong Won himself has been busy promoting his new big screen film “Broker”. Kang Dong Won along with the other “Broker” cast appeared on IU’s YouTube content.

Even so, YG Entertainment did not seem to share Kang Dong Won’s promotional moments through the official YG Stage Instagram account. This is certainly quite strange considering that the YG Stage account is diligent in sharing moments of artist activities under their auspices.

However, the non-upload of this portrait of Kang Dong Won was probably due to the actor’s personal request. The reason is, YG Entertainment is said to be an agency that always tries to follow the wishes of their artists to support their work.

The YG Stage Instagram account itself seems to have only shared Kang Dong Won’s moments once. YG Stage shared a portrait of Kang Dong Won in 2017 to wish him a happy birthday.

This means that YG Entertainment uploaded a portrait of this A-class actor after 1 year of joining. After that, YG Stage did not appear to share a portrait of Kang Dong Won.

If Kang Dong Won agrees to share his portrait, of course lately there will be many photos uploaded on YG Stage’s Instagram considering that he is in the “Broker” promotion period. For example, when attending the Cannes Film Festival or the press conference “Broker”. Even so, it is not clear why YG Entertainment did not upload this portrait of Kang Dong Won.

Kang Dong Won himself is known to have joined YG Entertainment in 2016. This handsome actor born in 1981 has 2 times extended his contract with YG Entertainment.

Last March, YG Entertainment also announced that Kang Dong Won had joined the US agency Creative Artists Agency or CAA. This agency will assist Kang Dong Won’s overseas activities.

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