Kang Daniel Is Rumored To Be With Kim Sae Ron While Driving Drunk


Recently, Kang Daniel Became A Hot Topic Because His Name Was Used As Kim Sae Ron’s Friend Who Was In The Car. This Made All Fans Furious.

The continuation of the DUI case of Kim Sae Ron who was driving drunk while driving his car independently had a long tail. The reason is, apart from the fact about the damage caused by the actress, there are allegations that she was not alone when driving her car.

Surprisingly, Kang Daniel ‘s name was reportedly in Kim Sae Ron’s car when he was drunk driving and caused an accident. This rumor spread when a Korean YouTuber “Detective Caracula” with 340 thousand subscribers claimed on Thursday (19/5).

The YouTuber said he confirmed the fact with an entertainment official. “Kim Sae Ron was drinking at an acquaintance’s house in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, the day before the accident. He was drinking with three or four people, including the male actor in his car and a friend,” said the YouTuber.

“Where did she go after drinking with a guy until morning? Did those two do something weird in the car?” said the YouTuber. This unfounded rumor sparked even more because the selfie photo of Kim Sae Ron and Kang Daniel together was used by this YouTuber as a video thumbnail. As a result, rumors began to spread online that Kim Sae Ron’s passenger was Kang Daniel.

However, it has been confirmed by the police that a non-celebrity woman was in the passenger seat of Kim Sae Ron’s car. “Passenger Kim Sae Ron is a woman in her 20s, and she is not a celebrity,” an official from the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul told MoneyToday on May 20.

The police plan to investigate the passenger who is suspected of aiding and abetting drunk driving when the results of his blood test are out. Of course, this rumor immediately received strong criticism from Kang Daniel’s fans for creating such a rumor.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron has responded to this case by releasing her apology on Instagram. The agency has also spoken up and stated that Kim Sae Ron has resigned from one of the drama projects he has starred in.


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