JYP Harvests Criticism After Announcing Details Of The ITZY World Tour Concert, This Is The Problem


‘CHECKMATE’ Will Be ITZY’s First World Tour In Three Years Since Their Debut In February 2019. However, Not All Fans Are Happy With The Tour For This Reason.

JYP Entertainment is currently receiving criticism from ITZY fans after announcing further details regarding the world tour “CHECKMATE.” The problem is in a place for every city.

On June 16, 2022, JYP Entertainment launched the venue for the world tour “CHECKMATE” in South Korea and America. The girl group will perform in Seoul before leaving for the United States to hold concerts in eight different cities.

“CHECKMATE” will be ITZY’s first world tour in three years since their debut in February 2019. Therefore, MIDZY (ITZY’s fan club) is excited to see the members perform live.

However, not all fans were happy with the tour because ITZY’s concert venues in Seoul and eight American cities had small capacities.

In particular, the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium (Seoul) can only accommodate 5,000 people, while the YouTube Theater (Los Angeles) can accommodate 6,000 people.

The Arizona Federal Theater (Phoenix) can accommodate 5,000 people, The Pavilion at the Toyota Music Factory (Dallas) with 8,000 people, and the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land (Houston) with 6,400 people.

In addition, 4,600 people can only be accommodated at the Fox Theater (Atlanta), 4,400 people at the Rosemont Theater (Chicago), 5,000 people at the MGM Music Hall in Fenway (Boston), and 5,600 people at the HULU Theater (New York).

Considering this, MIDZY is frustrated and confused about why ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” world tour has only such a small place when girl groups can fill the arena. Fans asked JYP Entertainment to stop treating ITZY as if they were rookies.

MIDYZ pointed out that ITZY sold concert halls when they were only a few months old rookie group. Now after three years since their debut, they are more popular than ever. So they deserve a much bigger place.

On Twitter, fans started trending with the hashtags “#JYPE_RESPECT_ITZY” and “#GIVE_ITZY_BIGGER_VENUES” and the keyword “BIGGER PLACE FOR ITZY” to get their concerns heard. However, JYP has not released an official statement regarding the issue.

Meanwhile, ITZY is currently gearing up for their comeback next month with a new mini album titled “CHECKMATE,” which will be released on July 15 at 1 p.m. KST. The group will be starring in their own special Mnet comeback on the same day at 7 p.m. KST.


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