Jungkook BTS the ‘Baby Star Candy’, this is the reason the call is pinned and used only at certain times

Jungkook BTS has many nicknames from the hyungs (brothers) BTS and fans, namely ARMY.

Jungkook BTS nicknames are very diverse from golden maknae because he can do everything well to Justin Seagull.

But there is one nickname Jungkook BTS which is cute and unique even for men his age.

Jungkook BTS is often called ‘ Baby Star Candy ‘ by fans and other BTS members at certain times.

Reported by SragenUpdate.com from Koreaboo, the nickname baby star candy is not just an ordinary expression but has a funny reason for how the name came about.

Jungkook BTS got the nickname when BTS appeared in their own variety show entitled ‘Gayo Daejun BTS 2020’.

At that time RM aka Kim Namjoon was consuming star-shaped candy for himself and had no intention of sharing it with other members including Jungkook .

Seeing the candy that RM ate alone, Jungkook just stayed silent and looked at the candy hopeful that it would be given to him.

The candy is a small star-shaped sugar candy with a sweet and sour taste that is usually consumed by children.

The video showing Jungkook ‘s expression became widely discussed and became a new nickname for him, namely baby star candy.

Even the nickname has been legalized by the Big Hit Music agency by pinning the name Baby Star Candy as a hashtag in Jungkook ‘s birthday upload in 2021.

The funny thing is that fans and BTS members only call Jungkook as baby star candy when he wears bright or pastel colored clothes.

When Jungkook acts sweet like the taste of candy and does a lot of cute things for BTS and ARMY members .

Jungkook is known to really like eating for all kinds of food that he feels can be enjoyed by him.

Even when attending the event, the Busan-born singer did not hesitate to take the food that had been served and eat it voraciously.

However, there are several other uniqueness of Jungkook related to the type of food he usually consumes.

Jungkook likes children’s food such as snacks containing chocolate, sweet candy, banana milk, and chips.

Even though he has grown up at the age of 24, Jungkook still likes many kinds of children’s snacks.

ARMYs think that’s why the baby star candy is still cute and funny with his typical bunny smile.

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