Jungkook BTS Has A Very Rare Line In The Palm Of The Hand, It Means It’s Amazing


Straight Lines On Jungkook’s Palms Are Very Rare And Only Exist In 1.5 Percent Of The World’s Population. There Is A Line On Jungkook’s Palm Known As The Simian Line.

Since debuting in 2013, BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) have seen their success and popularity skyrocket globally. Even though Jungkook was still a teenager when he debuted, he has stolen the hearts of ARMYs all over the world with his talent and stunning visuals.

Of course, ARMYs know that all of Jungkook’s success has come from hard work and determination, along with the members’ help. However, it seems there is more to it than that. Jungkook always seems destined for success, all because of the palm of his hand.

Jungkook recently surprised ARMYs with a live broadcast of the idol’s camping trip, and it was full of lots of cute and adorable moments.

During the broadcast, a fan commented that on Jungkook’s palms, the line at the top of each hand, known as the Simian line (known as the “head” line), is straight. Even though it might seem like a random comment, Jungkook seemed to admit it and explained that he was aware of it.

It seems like Jungkook realized the art of palm reading and understood that his Simian line has a special meaning, and it’s usually meant to represent good luck to someone.

“Apparently, if your palm line is good, then your luck is really good and if it’s bad, then it becomes very bad,” said the 1997-born idol.

Jungkook then made the hearts of ARMYs around the world melt when he explained, “Since I’m happy now, it must be good (luck), right?”

However, although Simian’s line has guaranteed Jungkook’s luck and fortune, this isn’t the first time the idol’s palm reading has cemented his luck and success.

Straight lines on Jungkook’s palms are very rare and only exist in 1.5 percent of the world’s population. According to line readers, those who have this line have a high chance of becoming rich and living a luxurious life.

According to Tony Legget, a British-American theoretical physicist who analyzes palms, Jungkook has various features on his palms that show his personality.

In particular, Tony Legget pointed out that the young idol has a “Solomon’s Ring” under his ring finger and it symbolizes wisdom, strength, authority and the ability to teach.

It’s no surprise that Jungkook is always destined for success. However, it is impossible to ignore the hard work and determination that Jungkook has had over the years.


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