Jun Ji Hyun Wears Open Back Dress To Cute Pose Shocks Korean Media

Jun Ji Hyun Has Become Busy In South Korean Media Coverage For His Appearance At The Event From Beauty Brand POIRET Today, Thursday (11/5). Visual To Outfit Reap The Spotlight.

Today, Thursday (11/5) Jun Ji Hyun again shocked the South Korean media. This is because of his appearance at the POIRET show.

Ji Hyun looks elegant and classy by wearing a black knee-length dress. Even though it seems simple, this dress has a bold model with an open back.

Money Today explained that Ji Hyun’s dress was a collection of the Bottega Veneta brand collection worth 5.83 million won (65.51 million ). The total items used by this beautiful actress, starting from outfits, jewelry, to shoes, are said to be around 8.4 million won (92.95 million).

It was not only the details of the clothes that stole the attention, the South Korean media were also excited about this woman who was born in 1981. Moreover, Ji Hyun complied with the reporters doing a series of adorable poses like what idols are doing today.

At the photo session, Ji Hyun at first gave off model-style vibes . Next, he smiled and made an adorable pose like making a heart pose with his cheeks. He then looked down apologetically out of embarrassment.

” Jun Ji Hyun, top class heart (pose), “said Dispatch . ” Jun Ji Hyun, ‘looking back elegantly’, ” flattered Chosun Biz . ” Jun Ji Hyun, ‘tell me with a smile’, ” said OSEN .

” Jun Ji Hyun, this is the first time seeing a heart (pose), ” Newsen wrote . ” Jun Ji Hyun ‘charming beauty’ ,” explained Segye . ” Jun Ji Hyun ‘still the same beauty class’, ” explained MHN Sports .

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