Jisung NCT DREAM Reaps Criticism After Comments Like This About Haechan’s Skin Color


At That Time, Jisung And Chenle Filmed Themselves Walking Around The City Of Frankfurt, Where They Went To Perform At The ‘KPop.Flex’ Concert. They Stopped At A Restaurant For Lunch.

NCT DREAM ‘s Jisung has recently been criticized for allegedly making colorist comments about fellow member Haechan . Fans were disappointed when a behind-the-scenes vlog of the group’s trip to Germany was uploaded and Jisung was seen commenting on Haechan’s skin. Many fans found the comment unnecessary and offensive, as it had negative implications for Haechan’s darker skin tone.

At that time, Jisung and Chenle filmed themselves walking around the city of Frankfurt, where they went to perform at the “KPop.Flex” concert. They stop at a restaurant for lunch, and the topic of skin tone comes up when Chenle mentions that what they ordered “makes your skin paler/brighter.”

Chenle said he’s been eating it since childhood, that’s why his skin is so bright Jisung then joked, “I have to buy these eight.” Moments later, Jisung joked again, this time asking, ‘Do you think Haechan’s (skin) will brighten if he eats this?” and Chenle said no.

Jisung’s comment received a lot of mixed reactions among NCTzens who felt that comments about skin color were not only completely groundless but also not the first time from Jisung, who has reportedly made similar statements about Haechan in the past, including other comments about his weight. Haechan’s body.

Many netizens have commented that since Jisung is an adult now, it is past the point where he is starting to take responsibility for his actions, especially since this is not the first comment he has made. But many also feel it’s important that this isn’t used as an excuse to vent hatred, because in the end it won’t solve the real problem.

This is mainly because, as netizens have also pointed out, Jisung is not alone in this. The footage filmed by the members must have been approved before undergoing the editing process, but the comments are still included in the final upload.

Therefore, netizens feel that it is important for Korean entertainment companies to start paying more attention to issues like this. If K-Pop idols (and other entertainers) were formally educated about skin color, racism, misogyny, and cultural appropriation, controversies like this and many others would be easily avoided.


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