Jimin Ex AOA Reveals Going Through A Hard Time Because Of Kwon Mina’s Bullying Allegations

After A Long Time, Jimin Finally Made A Comeback To The Entertainment World Through The JTBC Program ‘The Second World’. This Is A Competition Program Of 8 Rapper Girl Groups That Are In Tight Competition.

Jimin was on hiatus from the entertainment industry around 2020 because of accusations of bullying made by his former group mate at AOA , Kwon Mina . The girl born in 1991 finally decided to leave AOA.

Now after a long time, Jimin finally made a comeback to the entertainment world through the JTBC program ” The Second World “. This is a competition program of 8 rapper girl groups that compete fiercely to break the prejudice that rappers don’t have vocal talent.

In a recent interview, Jimin revealed the tough times he went through on the accusation of bullying. “After the controversy, I spent days feeling empty in my house without turning on the lights,” said Jimin.

Jimin added, “I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t sleep well either. My sister came and slept next to me. Time has just passed. I lost a lot of my weight that used to be 39kg.”

Jimin also revealed that he spent months not meeting people and living life without the internet. “I went fishing and got rid of all kinds of thoughts. That’s good. Then I started thinking I have to start from scratch,” he added.

Jimin also revealed his nervousness about joining “The Second World”. “I was very nervous because you asked me to sing right away. But it was something I had to do and I will continue to sing in the future. I can’t just sit still,” he said.

Jimin also honestly expressed his concern regarding the response of people who saw his comeback through “The Second World”. “I was so scared and worried, wondering if people would accept me again,” said Jimin.

“My sister is afraid that I will end my career as a singer in disgrace. I don’t know when this will be my last, but I want to show my fans a good performance. That’s why I have to do well (in this program),” he concluded. What do you think?

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