Jennie BLACKPINK’s Unexpected Appearance In ‘I Live Alone’ Makes It Exciting


BLACKPINK’s Jennie Will Be Making An Unexpected Appearance On The Upcoming Episode Of MBC’s Program ‘I Live Alone’. Before That, Take A Peek At His Appearance Below.

The upcoming episode of ” I Live Alone ” program will be very interesting. The reason is, Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) will make a special appearance in this episode.

Last week, Song Min Ho and Kian84 decided to heal by camping. They shared drinks during the day and slept together until they grew closer.

In this week’s episode, the two of them will challenge themselves to fly a kite that is also written with their wishes. Despite doing their best, their efforts met with failure. In particular, Kian84 even remembers the similar failures he experienced in the past.

Kian84’s disappointment was reduced drastically when Jennie joined their camp via video call from Paris. He appeared on this program after being called by Song Min Ho, who is his best friend.

The unexpected appearance of the singer of the song “SOLO” made Kian84 very surprised. He not only screamed, but also started saying all kinds of things.

However, he somehow angered Park Na Rae and Jun Hyun Moo who were watching from the studio. This ultimately increases the viewer’s curiosity about what is really going on.

Meanwhile, this episode of “I Live Alone” will air on Friday (1/4) at 23:10 local time. For those of you who are curious about Jennie’s complete appearance and Kian84’s excited reaction, don’t miss it to watch it.


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