Jennie BLACKPINK Is Cute With A Beanie Bear, Something Is Related To V BTS


What Caught The Most Attention Was Jennie’s Slender Body Which One Couldn’t Help But Admire. The Female Idol’s Petite Waist Really Stands Out With The Low-Waisted Jeans.

On June 20, Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) posted several photos of herself via Instagram Story. The photos quickly became a topic of discussion not only because of her beautiful visuals with a slim waist but also because of what she was wearing.

In these photos, the idol who debuted in 2016 is seen on the rooftop holding a luxury bag. Jennie also displayed a cute expression and a very unique pose that resembled a furry teddy bear when she showed off her Chanel bag. The “How You Like That” hitmaker also wore a matching brown cardigan.

What caught the most attention was Jennie’s slender body which one couldn’t help but admire. The female idol’s petite waist really stands out with the low-waisted jeans, while her long legs are also visible.

A post on the Pann community site highlighted Jennie’s uploaded photos and the netizen who published the post said, “Why does Jennie only post photos like this on her IG story? She really looks like a bear and she’s so cute. Her hair color is perfect It’s probably because he’s back, but he seems to have lost a lot of weight… His waist looks smaller.”

Many netizens also commented on this post. One netizen especially talked about the beanie bear that Jennie wore, which associated her with BTS ‘s V ( Bangtan Boys ), one of whose nicknames was the bear. But most praised his appearance.

“She dyed her hair and it looks like she’s also lost a lot of weight and kept it off… She’s so cute and pretty She looks like a baby bear, she fits the hat very well,” commented a netizen. “Aigo even the fans know that Taehyung’s nickname is a teddy bear. Looks like he decided to be annoying^^…” said another netizen.

“Her face is very small and her waist is also very slim. She is very cute. But when I look behind her photoshoot, she looks like a female warrior. The difference in the gap is funny,” said a netizen. “Maybe because I’m trying to slim my waist right now but she’s so amazing… It’s so small,” added another.


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