Jang Won Young IVE’s Mistakes Even Make Handsome Boys HYBE Excited

Jang Won Young Made An Adorable Mistake During The Announcement Of The First Place Winner. The HYBE Boys Couldn’t Help But Smile Because They Were Excited.

IVE ‘s Jang Won Young successfully made viewers fall in love with his adorable behavior on the latest broadcast of ” Music Bank .” The HYBE boys couldn’t help but smile because they were excited.

On the latest episode of “Music Bank,” the lineup of singers put on an outstanding performance during the broadcast led by Jang Won Young and Sunghoon as MCs.

In particular, Jang Won Young made an adorable mistake during the announcement of the first place winner. After a fierce battle with Psy ‘s “That That” , TXT secured the trophy with their new song, “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

While TXT’s first place speech and encore stage were well completed, Jang Won Young’s hilarious blunder was captured through a fancam video released by KBS afterward. It caught the attention of many people.

When the rankings were confirmed, a confetti explosion occurred to commemorate TXT’s win. At this time, the singer of “ELEVEN” looks so shocked that he falters.

Jang Won Young quickly came to her senses and continued by saying, “Congratulations” to TXT with Park Sunghoon. But there is a funny error that occurs.

While Sunghoon had already handed the trophy to Soobin who was standing beside him, Jang Won Young was still holding the bouquet in his hand that was supposed to be for the winning group.

Sunghoon gently showed it to Jang Won Young. The three noticed it, she cutely opened her mouth in surprise and immediately gave the flower to Soobin.

The cute scene made Sunghoon and Soobin smile and in response. Jang Won Young also laughed out of embarrassment, making netizens also excited.

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young is active as the MC of “Music Bank” and brightens up the show with her smooth hosting skills and unique bright energy, showing an irreplaceable presence.

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