Jang Nara Announces Getting Married Soon, Prospective Husband 6 Years Younger


Jang Nara Announced On Her Official Website That She Will Soon Marry A Boyfriend Who Is Six Years Her Junior. Jang Nara’s Future Husband Is Not From The Artist Circle.

Good news coming from Jang Nara . The actress announced that she would marry her non-celebrity boyfriend.

On June 3, 2022, Jang Nara announced on her official website that she will soon marry a boyfriend who is six years her junior.

“I have personal but happy news to share with you all today. I’m getting married!” said Jang Nara starting the announcement of her marriage.

Jang Nara then shared about her future husband who is not from the artist circle. The beautiful actress also revealed why she fell in love with her lover.

“After two years of dating a friend who is six years younger than me who works on videos, we have promised to be each other’s lifelong companions!” he said.

“I fell in love with her beautiful smile, kind and sincere heart, and above all, the way she expressed her sincerity and put all her heart into her work,” continued Jang Nara.

Jang Nara admitted that she was very happy to be able to spend time with her loved ones. The star of the drama ” Sell Your Haunted House ” also promised to live happily.

“It seems like only yesterday that I, who was nothing special, debuted as a celebrity, but so much time has passed since then. I sincerely thank you for hugging me, supporting me, and always looking up to me well for a long time,” he said.

I plan to welcome you with a new fun project soon after the wedding, so I’m working hard to prepare for it too! I will become an actress who does my best in every moment with an even heavier heart with gratitude than before.

Jang Nara apologized for not being able to explain in more detail about her future husband, considering that he is not from the artist circle.

“I’m really sorry for not being able to explain in more detail (about my fiancé), because I was worried that he, who is not a celebrity, might face inconvenience at work because of me. I ask for your understanding. Thank you,” concluded Jang Nara.

Congratulations to Jang Nara!


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