Jaejae, leaving SBS → Selected as DJ for MBC’s ‘Dude’… 5G-level wide move [Comprehensive]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Yeon Hwi-seon] Broadcaster Jae-jae (Lee Eun-jae) leaves SBS and starts his first personal schedule at MBC.

On the 12th, MBC Radio said, “Broadcaster Jaejae has been chosen as the new host of ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’. Following Muzi and Ahn Young-mi, who left on the 16th of last month, he will become the 15th DJ of ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’ and start the program from May 29. “, he said in an official statement.

Jaejae is a PD belonging to SBS, and is a person who has been in charge of planning and progressing the YouTube content ‘Civilization Express’. He was praised for his thorough data research, extraordinary talent, and ability to host in ‘Civilization Express’.

Among them, it is known that Jaejae recently submitted a letter of resignation to SBS. On this day, the ‘Civilization Express’ side announced Jaejae’s departure from SBS through the official channel shorts video. An SBS official also made an official statement to OSEN, “It is true that Jaejae recently submitted a resignation letter. He has decided to leave and is currently undergoing the process.”

However, Jaejae continues to host the ‘Civilization Express’. The program itself is the result of the planning and efforts of Jaejae and team members. Moreover, as it is difficult to imagine a ‘Civilization Express’ without Jaejae, only the contract form between Jaejae and ‘Civilization Express’ is expected to change.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

In addition to ‘Civilization Express’, Jaejae decided on MBC Radio’s ‘Date at 2 o’clock’ as his first personal schedule after leaving SBS. Although it is said that it will be after leaving the company, he is drawing attention as he will be in charge of radio hosting for MBC, a competing broadcasting company, right from SBS.

Regarding Jaejae’s cast, the production team of ‘Date at 2:00’ emphasized, “Jaejae’s infinite charms, such as witty progress, overflowing excitement, and excellent agility, will energize listeners at 2:00pm.” I will make a broadcast that communicates with listeners.”

Regarding the selection of a DJ, Jaejae also said, “I am very honored to be the DJ of ‘Date at Two O’Clock’, a program of radio tradition and history on MBC Radio. Being a DJ is a new challenge and a special experience in my life, so I am very nervous. I will form a consensus,” he hinted, expressing his anticipation.

The story of Jaejae’s resignation and the first progress of ‘2 o’clock date’ will be revealed side by side on the 29th. The first progress of ‘Date at 2 o’clock’ will be released from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, followed by the story of Jae-jae’s resignation through ‘Civilization Express’ at 5:00 pm.

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