IU’s Weight Drops Drastically After ‘LILAC’ Album Promotions Continue To Star In ‘Broker’

As A Singer As Well As An Actress, IU Proved Her Totality In Carrying Out Her Project Professionally, Even To The Point That She Lost Quite A Bit Of Weight.

IU ‘s totality as a singer and actress has been proven by how hard she works to succeed in each of her projects. Surprisingly, IU shared her experience when starring in the movie ” Broker ” after the promotion session for her album “LILAC” was over.

“Broker” revolves around a character associated with a baby box, which allows babies to be unloaded anonymously for someone else to take care of. IU plays Soyoung, a single mother who decides to leave her baby in the crib. Contrary to her slender figure, Soyoung is portrayed with an intense yet honest appearance.

In this case, IU admitted that she lost a lot of weight because of her role when interviewed on Tuesday (7/6). “Last year, I did my first photo shoot just a few days after promotional activities for ‘Lilac’. I lost a lot of weight reluctantly at that time,” said IU.

“I met the director after a long time during the making of the first film. I thought he would not like it, so I asked if I should gain weight. He said it would be better to be thin at the beginning of the film,” said IU discussing her weight.

IU revealed that at that time she was constantly losing weight. However, he started to stop and then outsmarted her by dressing dazzlingly.

“At first, I continued to lose weight. Then, in the second half, I took off my smokey makeup and put on comfortable clothes. I tried to express the change visually, like wearing warm clothes,” she said.

In addition, IU revealed an impressive evaluation related to the job. He admitted that he was happy because he was praised for his visuals that strengthened his character in the “Broker” film.

“There are reactions that say my face is very impressive. The director seems to often use IU’s face,” he said proudly.

Meanwhile, although the film “Broker” has garnered high attention in the international arena, IU is sorry that she did not receive Best Actress at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

“I have no regrets at all. After our first film was shown in theaters, critics and audiences talked about reviews the next day,” said IU accepting her defeat calmly.

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