It’s All Bad, Stray Kids’ Quirky Style Uses Real And Fake Piercings, No Medicine


Having A Stylish Appearance On Stage Wearing Facial Piercings Seems To Make Stray Kids Members Stand Out Even More. Check Out How This One Idol Group Looks With A Stunning Look!

Using accessories such as earrings for some K-Pop artists can support their appearance. Now, this appearance is becoming a trend as is being shown by Stray Kids .

While the members of Stray Kids so far are known to have no tattoos. However, almost all of them have some kind of piercing that gives rise to a new trend.

Stray Kids can be very creative and unique with their piercings too. They have worn some beautiful jewelery for various occasions so we have summarized which are the real and fake piercings worn by the fans.

Bang Chan appears to have only two piercings: One on each earlobe. Like the rest of the group, she has rocked a number of fake piercings on her lips, ears and more.

Then, Lee Know is one of the few Stray Kids members who has three heart piercings and has been wearing beautiful jewelry inside for many years. Not only that, some fake piercings that she has too, like others on her ears and lips.

Then Changbin had the exact same piercings that Lee Know had in his ears. However, being an intense and sometimes tense rapper, the other piercings he has styled are definitely a match for this one idol.

Even though Hyunjin has had several different fake piercings over the years, it seems that he only has one real piercing in each ear. False lip piercings are very common on her.

Han is the third member of Stray Kids to have three piercings. False eyebrow piercings are a very common look for her. Then there is Felix who also has three ear piercings, all of which are in his left ear. And recently, he also got a double helix piercing.

Apparently, her stylists got really creative with statement earrings that were elegant, subtle, or more. Felix is ​​another member who has been given a number of different fake piercings as well, including a belly button piercing. IN also has fake piercings in the cheekbone area.

Meanwhile, Seungmin seems to be the only Stray Kids member who doesn’t have piercings. Nonetheless, she has tricked fans time and time again with some pretty convincing stickers and fake piercings.


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