Issues Refuse To Join SM Entertainment, 10 Plenary Portraits Of Minji NewJeans


The Name Minji NewJeans Is Again A Hot Topic In The Midst Of The Euphoria Of Her Debut Success. The Reason Is, The Idol Was Rumored To Have Rejected The Offer To Join SM Entertainment.

Minji NewJeans is back in the public spotlight amid the success of her group debut. This beautiful idol was suddenly rumored to be almost a trainee at SM Entertainment. Minji was reportedly approached by the SM casting team and asked to come to the agency building.

Moreover, netizens revealed that Lee Soo Man once judged that Minji’s visual reminded him of S.ES’ Eugene . Therefore, it is not surprising that the casting team came to Minji’s mother. They even convinced Minji’s parents that her daughter could become the center girl group if she agreed to join SM. However, Minji still decided to join Source Music.

This interesting story about Minji was immediately flooded with comments from South Korean netizens. Even so, Minji’s decision to stick to Source Music is considered the right one. NewJeans was able to be this successful thanks to Minji being chosen as a member and showing a lot of talent. Being highlighted, here are a series of Minji’s plenary portraits. Come on, take a peek below!

1. 18 Years Old

The owner’s full name Kim Minji was born on May 7, 2004 in Gwangju, South Korea. Based on international age calculations, Minji is already 18 years old. He is the oldest member of NewJeans, so he is often considered the leader .

2. Sullyoon’s Classmate NMIXX

The singer of the song “Cookie” is apparently in the same class as Sullyoon NMIXX . A netizen found out that Minji and Sullyoon were studying broadcasting and entertainment at the famous Hanlim High School of Arts. This certainly made the public in an uproar because the class was inhabited by super beautiful female students .

3. Appears In BTS MV

Minji has stolen the public’s attention since appearing in the BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) MV entitled “Permission to Dance” in 2021. Not alone, he starred in the video clip with his group mate, Hani. It’s not surprising that Minji’s debut is so much awaited by the public.

4. Candidate For The Nation’s First Love

Minji’s visual has reaped positive reactions from his fans. So Minji has the potential to get a nickname that is not easily obtained by South Korean female celebrities, namely The Nation’s First Love . The general characteristics of artists with this nickname are having long black hair, sweet character, and looking youthful.

5. Maximum Cute

Being the oldest member of NewJeans doesn’t stop Minji from acting cute as much as possible. He was caught bursting soap bubbles while performing the song “Attention”. The funny action immediately went viral in cyberspace.

6. Visual On Point

The “Hype Boy” singer once again stunned the public because of his on-point visuals . Minji had time to share a series of portraits when he was 15 years old on the group’s Instagram account. This proves that Minji’s beautiful face is natural without any plastic surgery .

7. Fashionable

Young age doesn’t seem to be a barrier for Minji to stay fashionable . In the portrait above, he is known to follow the low rise fashion trend for his training clothes. Not only that, Minji has also become a hot topic for wearing a fantastically valuable black dress .

8. Bilingual Idols

Minji increasingly makes the public captivated because of his extraordinary talent. This Taurus zodiac artist deserves to be called a bilingual idol because he is quite fluent in communicating in two languages, namely Korean and English.

9. Animal Lover

The idol with a height of 169 cm is called an animal lover. Minji himself had admitted that he really liked dogs and bears among other animals. He even has a nickname in the form of a teddy bear.

10. The Figure Of A Hard Worker

Minji seems to have experienced the twists and turns of life before officially debuting at NewJeans. He joined Source Music when he was in grade 2 of junior high school after qualifying for the Plus Global Audition in 2019. Minji is said to have been transferred to ADOR (NewJeans agency) which is both a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. Minji is also reported to have undergone training at JYP entertainment. Duh, the definition of a hard worker, right?


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