‘ISAC 2022’ Bans Eating During Filming, Rules Reap Disappointed Reaction


During The Filming Of ‘ISAC 2022’, Fans Watching On Set Were Subject To A Ban On Eating And Coming. The Disclosure Of The Regulations Drew Disappointed Reactions From A Number Of Fandoms.

“Idol Star Athletics Championships” (ISAC) will be held again in Chuseok in 2022. As filming drew closer, the “ISAC 2022” regulations were revealed and immediately reaped the disappointment of fans.

On July 25, boy group AB6IX posted an announcement regarding the filming of “ISAC 2022”. As per the announcement, an attendance check will be conducted on August 1, 2022 at 5:30 local time. Then the gate will close at 6:10 local time. The maximum number of participants is 100 people, but there is a possibility that it will change depending on the fandom.

Through the official account, AB6IX shared the rule that reads, “Please arrive 10 minutes before the time for attendance check. The attendance check will start on time and if you arrive after the attendance check starts, your seat number will be shifted due to being late.”

In addition, there are special rules regarding eating. Because the COVID-19 pandemic is still lurking and every day there are artists who test positive, so eating is prohibited during filming.

“Eating during filming is prohibited due to quarantine regulations. We ask for your understanding on this part,” they continued.

After learning about the “ISAC 2022” regulations, Korean netizens consisting of a number of fandoms reacted strongly. The fans are worried that they will starve during filming. Moreover, the duration of filming is not short and is estimated at 10 hours.

“If they forbid eating, fans will starve,” said one netizen. “It’s like entering the center of hunger to see idols,” added another fan.

“Shouldn’t they be giving food to fans when filming is practically 10 hours long,” commented a fan. “You can give them lunch time separately,” continued another.

Meanwhile, the Chuseok special “ISAC 2022” will be held in five sports. The competitions displayed are track and field (short distance running, relay), archery, dance sports, futsal and e-sports.

The ranks of idols that have been confirmed to be present in the MBC program consist of groups and soloists. They include AB6IX, NCT , Stray Kids , Cho Seungyoun , WEi , ATEEZ , Brave Girls , Everglow , StayC , NMIXX , Kep1er and many more.


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