In Fact, It Was Bought By Chinese Fans, This Is The Reason SM Is Focusing On Aespa Promotion In The Bamboo Country


According To Hanteo, Aespa’s ‘Girls’ Sold 1,126,000 Copies In Its First Week Of Sales, From The Album’s Release On July 8 To July 14. They Became The First Girl Group To Sell More Than 1 Million Albums In The First Week On Hanteo.

Earlier this week, the girl group AESPA successfully set a new record when they became the first girl group to sell more than 1 million albums in their first week of sales. Their 2nd mini album “Girls” has officially completed the first week’s total sales on the Hanteo chart on July 15 KST.

According to Hanteo, “Girls” aespa sold 1,126,000 copies in its first week of sales, from the album’s release on July 8 to July 14. They became the first girl group to sell more than 1 million albums in the first week on Hanteo. Aespa’s first mini album “Savage” recorded 276,800 copies sold in its first week of sales, showing a big jump with the release of this new album.

One netizen revealed that it was thanks to aespa fans in China who banded together to buy the album in bulk. In fact, aespa fandom from China for each member gathered to buy hundreds of thousands of “Girls” albums.

In addition, Karina’s fans in China also bought a total of 335,000 copies, Ningning ‘s fans bought a total of 213,359 copies, and Winter ‘s fans bought around 150,000 copies. While Giselle ‘s Chinese fandom didn’t reveal the total amount they bought, it was estimated to be around a hundred thousand as well. If these figures were genuine, Chinese fans would have bought about 70% of the first week’s album. Netizens were impressed by the enthusiasm of these Chinese fans and realized that this is why SM Entertainment is focusing on the Bamboo Country market.

” Wow, Chinese fans are crazy. That’s really crazy. This is why SM is so concentrated on the Chinese market,” commented Netter. ” It’s amazing. Aespa is also very popular in China. This is why SM has so many Chinese idols,” said another. ” This is amazing. The number of albums they buy is the next level. They sell more than BLACKPINK? They are really on a different level when showing support for their idols,” concluded another.


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