IKON Watch Group Of Boys Cover The Group’s Song, Haru Bobby’s Most Highlighted Expression


In The KBS Variety Show ‘The King Of Jujeop’ Which Invited Its Guest Star, IKON, The Opportunity To Witness Firsthand Their Fans Who Brought The Group’s Songs.

Previously, it was announced that iKON was a guest star on the KBS show ” The King of Jujeop ” with the theme “fan culture appreciation”. The variety show not only entertained the viewers, but also the iKON members themselves because of the special appearance of a group of small children.

On this occasion, iKON performed their first comeback title track “But You” live in front of fans. As has happened before, the broadcast of “The King of Jujeop” allows artists and fans to get to know each other on a more intimate level.

Previously, K-Pop groups including Shinhwa , Highlight and MONSTA X appeared on “The King of Jujeop” to learn about the lifestyles of their most loyal fans. However, when the episode that invited iKON as guest stars succeeded in stealing the hearts of viewers.

One of the highlights of fans was when iKON members watched a group of small children sing iKON songs. The group of children heard the lyrics of iKON’s songs memorized, they also performed a simple dance that was harmonious and compact so that the group’s appearance was neat.

Even the iKON members who witnessed it couldn’t hide their smiles and it was very obvious when they looked proud. This time, Bobby ‘s figure, who was also caught on camera, showed a look of pride watching the children reap the talk. How not, the idol’s expression looks more proud and amazed at the appearance of the little children.

In fact, a row of fans linked this proud expression because of Bobby’s status, which is known to have become a father. Many commented that Bobby looked like he was watching his son when he grew up.

“Gentlemen’s expressions can’t be fooled,” commented the fan. “Others smiled proudly but Bobby was so deep in watching the kids,” wrote another. “Bobby is like watching his son when he grows up,” wrote another. “Bobby is simulating watching his son perform at a school event,” another commented.

Meanwhile, iKON recently released their 4th mini album “Flashback” and comeback title track “But You” which was officially released on May 3. The program “The King of Jujeop” is broadcast every Thursday night which can be watched on other streaming platforms.


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