Hyun Bin Admits He & Son Ye Jin Are More Like Each Other

Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Officially Married At A Private Wedding On March 31, 2022. It Didn’t Take Long For The Actress To Announce The News Of Her Pregnancy Around The End Of June 2022.

Hyun Bin is getting more and more outspoken about his domestic life with Son Ye Jin . In a promotional interview for ” Confidential Assignment 2: International ” recently, the handsome actor expressed his feelings about having children soon.

“I’m very grateful, and it’s a great blessing,” said Hyun Bin. The man born in 1982 also opened up about the viral portrait showing his smile and Son Ye Jin, where the couple looked very similar.

Hyun Bin admits that he and his wife are indeed more similar to each other because they live under the same roof. “I also saw the photo (of the face and Son Ye Jin when smiling). I think Yejin and I are starting to look like each other,” Hyun Bin replied.

Hyun Bin also revealed that his view of life gradually began to change when he got married. “Like Chul Ryung, (Hyun Bin’s character in ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International’) I’m married and have children, so things will change,” he said.

Hyun Bin insists that he will live a better life. “I don’t know yet. I think maybe I can live harder. I have to take care of my family,” said the star of the drama “Crash Landing On You”.

On the other hand, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married on March 31, 2022. It didn’t take long, the beautiful actress announced the news of her pregnancy around the end of June 2022. Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy reaped a lot of support from the public.

Even though he was busy promoting a new film, Hyun Bin still kept Son Ye Jin and the baby in good condition. The man was leaked asking staff to take steps to prevent COVID-19 in the promotion process to prevent himself from returning home with the virus.

Meanwhile, many suspect that Son Ye Jin will give birth at the end of 2022. So far, the gender of the couple’s child has not been revealed. But Son Ye Jin already looks more full in her latest photo shoot.

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