HYBE NewJeans Girl Group Debut Concept Accused Of Plagiarism, Aespa Hits Sentil

The NewJeans Concept Was Accused Of Plagiarizing Other Works Because Of The Similar Scenes And Angles Of Shooting. However, Many Netizens Disagree That This Is Called Plagiarism.

NewJeans continues to attract attention not only because of their visuals and skills, but also because of their concept. But according to netizens, the HYBE girl group concept is the result of plagiarism.

On July 22, 2022, HYBE released the music video for “Attention,” one of the title tracks for NewJeans’ self-titled debut mini album. The four-minute MV reveals the new visuals of the five members.

In addition to videos, HYBE also released concept photos of a girl group made by the general manager of the company’s brand design (now CBO), Min Hee Jin. The members caught the attention of K-Pop fans with their natural style and sophisticated visuals.

However, the NewJeans concept was accused of plagiarizing other works because of the similar scenes and angles of shooting. Many netizens disagree that this is called plagiarism because this kind of concept seems quite common.

“This is not plagiarism, aren’t these scenes very common? You can find all child idols using scenes like the one in their MV. It’s not like someone’s exclusive scene, it’s just a normal background,” commented netizen.

“If this is considered plagiarism, there are no more concepts to choose from,” added the netizen. “I’m tired of the term plagiarism because it always appears every time there is a girl group that will debut,” said another.

Netizens also poked fun at Aespa , who stumbled on the issue of plagiarism several times. “People who call this plagiarism, they will faint if they see aespa,” wrote a netizen. “If this is plagiarism, AESPA has been destroyed since its debut,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, NewJeans will release a mini album titled “NewJeans” which will officially debut on August 8. Anyone impatient?

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