HYBE Artists Compete With Most Handsome Managers, Not Less Beautiful Than K-Pop Idols

‘The Game Caterers’ Suddenly Becomes A Battle Of HYBE Artists To See Who Has The Most Handsome Manager. Netizens Couldn’t Stop Admiring The Managers’ Visuals.

HYBE’s line of artist managers were forced to appear on ” The Game Caterers .” Many fans have the wrong focus on their visuals.

During a recent episode, the HYBE groups were once again given cards with tasks, and they had to choose the person they thought best suited the description.

Before the cards were revealed, The8 SEVENTEEN (II) took out their manager. Everyone suddenly understood why The8 quickly took out his manager because the card read, “The most handsome manager.”

SEVENTEEN immediately found out why The8 kicked out their manager. When introduced, there is no denying that the manager is very handsome and has the same charm and cute visuals as the group he manages.

But this show suddenly becomes a battle to see who has the most handsome manager. ENHYPEN is the next group to show off their handsome manager.

Even ENHYPEN’s stylists want to make sure she looks in the best shape possible to compare with the others. With the manager’s long hair, it’s no surprise that Jay seems so confident.

As soon as “The Game Caterers” turned into the most handsome manager battle, TXT ‘s Yeonjun started screaming to find his manager. LE SSERAFIM immediately ran to find a manager who they thought was as handsome as the others.

Even after The8 brought in a manager, fellow SEVENTEEN member Hoshi felt another manager deserved attention, even if he wasn’t as willing as the others.

When all the managers were brought forward and placed in line, it was hard to deny that they were all very good looking. Being a caring group, SEVENTEEN chose to share their gifts.

After the episode aired, netizens couldn’t stop admiring HYBE’s lineup of artist managers on social media. They argue which manager is the most handsome.

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