Hwang Minhyun Reveals What It Was Like To Star In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ With A Gang Of Handsome Actors


Hwang Minhyun Recently Had A Photo Shoot With 1st Look Magazine With Three Other Handsome Actors Such As Lee Jae Wook, Shin Seung Ho And Yoo In Soo.

Hwang Minhyun is currently greeting the audience through the drama ” Alchemy of Souls “. The former NU’EST member plays the character Seo Youl, a genius descendant from the Seo noble family.

Hwang Minhyun recently had a photo shoot with 1st Look magazine. Not alone, the boy born in 1995 was accompanied by three other handsome actors such as Lee Jae Wook , Shin Seung Ho and Yoo In Soo .

In the interview, Hwang Min Hyun shared what it was like to star in “Alchemy of Souls” with the actor gang. “Three people except me are actors who usually think ‘that actor is so cool’,” said Hwang Minhyun.

“While working together this time, not only acting, I also watched and learned a lot. It was comfortable and fun to meet, so the atmosphere on set was very pleasant. We often went out to eat delicious food,” said Hwang Minhyun.

On the other hand, “Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy romance drama set in the fictional country Daeho, a place that does not exist in history or on maps. This drama tells the story of a character whose fate is twisted due to the magic of changing people’s souls.

Seo Youl’s character is perfect from looks to brilliant mind. He also possesses impressive literary and martial arts skills. Seo Youl is also a romantic who keeps a sincere love for a secret girl.

The production team of “Alchemy of Souls” previously shared, “Hwang Min Hyun will make viewers’ hearts flutter when he plays a pure-hearted man who cannot forget his first love.”

“Please stay tuned to see how Hwang Min Hyun in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ will capture viewers’ hearts through the small screen when he plays Seo Youl, a descendant of the genius Seo and a pure-hearted man who guards his first love,” added the production team.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy of Souls” has aired 2 episodes so far. The drama, which also stars Jung So Min , airs in the Saturday-Sunday night slot. Don’t miss watching it.


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