“Pat and mat are better than this” Lee Ju-seung, answer to Sung-hwan Koo’s self-moving (‘Na Honsan’) [Oh!Ssen Comprehensive]


[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Lee Joo-seung helped Koo Seong-hwan move on his own.

In MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which aired on the 14th, Lee Ju-seung helped Koo Seong-hwan move, but drew attention with the frustrating furniture arrangement.

On this day, Lee Ju-seung went out to help his neighbor and best friend, actor Koo Seong-hwan, move out. Koo Seong-hwan introduced the new house he was moving into and said that it felt like Santorini, making everyone around him burst into laughter. The new house that Koo Seong-hwan is moving into caught the eye with its wide balcony.

Koo Seong-hwan said he would put a refrigerator on the balcony. Lee Ju-seung, who heard the furniture arrangement, said, “It doesn’t make sense. Why do you put the refrigerator on the balcony? You need blackout curtains to watch TV. My face is also reflected,” causing laughter.

Lee Ju-seung and Ko Sung-hwan began to sweep away the leftover food before moving in earnest. Lee Ju-seung said, “I had a desire not to eat food when I went up,” and made everyone around me burst into laughter. With a plan to eat the leftovers, Koo Seong-hwan boiled 5 bags of bibim ramen and mixed rice to attract attention.

After finishing the meal, Lee Ju-seung and Koo Seong-hwan started moving the refrigerator. Koo Seong-hwan emphasized, “Never scratch.” Lee Ju-seung was confident, saying, “It’s 200kg in threes.” Lee Ju-seung and Koo Seong-hwan began to move the refrigerator up the stairs. Koo Seong-hwan couldn’t stand the stairs and put down the refrigerator, and Lee Ju-seung said, “I feel like I’m going to die” and laughed.

Lee Ju-seung said in an interview with the production team, “I just wanted to let it go.” The refrigerator caught my eye as it was barely touching the ceiling. The two finally managed to get into the house, but when they picked up the refrigerator, the refrigerator door opened, surprising everyone around them. Not taping the door before moving the refrigerator.

“Pat and Matt are better,” said Key. Na-rae Park said, “Dumb and Dumber is smarter than here,” and made the surroundings laugh. /[email protected] [Photo: MBC ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast capture]


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