‘Hong Hyun-hee♥’ Jay-Write, turns out to be a ‘real’ free spirit “Travel to 100 cities in 50 countries before marriage” (‘Maybe to go back’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kang Seo-jeong] Jay-Won of ‘May I Go Again’ confesses his days as a free spirit single who toured 50 countries and 100 cities.

Channel S’s original entertainment show ‘A Map to Go Again’ is the only map that will open up the blocked sky in the corona era, and an online world travel program that makes overseas travel in your nostalgic memories a reality. The 58th episode of ‘A Map to Go Again’, which airs on the 11th, is scheduled to pick the best city that stimulates artistic sensibility among Arles, Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Salzburg, and Mexico City under the ranking theme of ‘Best 5 Cities Loved by Artists’. , Travel partners Kim Shin-young and Lee Seok-hoon, along with broadcaster Jay Wright, accompany the online trip.

Jay Witter, who appeared as a travel companion in a recent recording, drew attention with an unusual self-introduction, saying, “Now I introduce myself as a dad, not a designer.” Jay Written, an interior designer, is known as the ‘daddy of shit’ because she married comedian Hong Hyeon-hee and recently gave birth to her son Jun-beom. The appearance of Jay Bitter, who aloofly accepted her life that had changed significantly after her marriage and childbirth, made people laugh. 

In addition to this, Jay wrote, who revealed that he was a special lover of ‘May I Go Again’, saying, “Actually, I really like to travel. She traveled to 100 cities in about 50 countries.” She surprised everyone by confessing to the past that she enjoyed a free single life as a “steamed travel maniac” before her marriage. In particular, it is said that instructor Choi Tae-seong made the scene into a sea of ​​laughter by raising the rumor that Jay wrote, “Are you from a family of golden spoons?”

Above all, on this day, Jay wrote, as if he had returned to single, raising interest by saying that he was immersed in online travel. As the ranking theme of the day is ‘City loved by artists’, Jay wrote that he revived his main job as an interior designer and enjoyed meaningful spots related to world-renowned art masters such as Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Pablo Picasso, and carried out a fruitful online trip. 

Everywhere Jay writes, she says, “It’s so pretty” and “I want to go on a trip,” and she explodes with immersive reactions, while sharing the tips of travel experts. In addition, it is said that he could not take his eyes off the scenery that stimulates his artistic sensibility, such as Les Baux de Provence, which has a large-scale media exhibition hall renovated from a quarry, and the Vasconcelos Library, which became the motif of the movie Interstellar. Expectations are soaring for the 58th episode of ‘May I Go Again’, which will contain the online trip that rekindled the bitter travel desire. 


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