Himchan Ex-BAP Gives Clarification About Allegations Of Sexual Harassment And Stories From His Side


Previously, Himchan Was Revealed To Be Facing A New Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment In The Appeal Process For His Sexual Assault Case From 2019 Where Two Women Filed A Lawsuit Against Him.

Former BAP member Himchan recently told his story of an alleged sexual harassment case that dragged his name. Previously, Himchan was revealed to be facing a new lawsuit for sexual harassment in the appeal process for his sexual assault case from 2019.

Reports stated that two women filed a lawsuit against former idol stars last April for allegedly sexually harassing them on outside stairs. at an establishment in Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong. According to the women, the allegedly drunk Himchan took one of their cell phones while waiting for their food to arrive, and when confronted, he touched a woman’s waist and asked to “ride together”. Another woman claimed she was trying to touch his chest.

In an interview with Kyunghyang Newspaper in Seoul, Himchan informed his side and stated that he would obediently undergo the investigation. “I’m so sad that this happened. It’s scary. It’s a shame that I was blindly accused of being the culprit,” he said and his legal representative also stated that they have CCTV evidence of the incident which will acquit Himchan of the charges.

Himchan also revealed that he and the two women had different stories. Himchan stated he drank with them on the second floor of an acquaintance’s bar after he helped serve drinks when the bar was busy. The two women thought he was an employee and ordered from him, and he then naturally joined their table. After putting down his cell phone, Himchan explained that he accidentally took one of the women’s cellphones because they had the same model, but he put it back in front of the entrance.

The off-site staircase is reported to have an inclination of about 55 degrees, and Himchan admitted to touching one of the woman’s waists to lead her down the stairs as people gathered on the narrow staircase. “It was physical contact that he grabbed one side of her waist and pushed her slightly to prevent her from falling because of another guest. It’s hard to tell from a third party perspective that she did this with sexual intent. We hope that CCTV will clear up the misunderstanding. another woman’s position. She claimed that she had tried to touch her chest, but we don’t know why she claimed that,” said Himchan’s lawyer.

Himchan, meanwhile, concluded, “I am now very much reflecting on my past and living with my family. I am trying to work hard thanks to my family. The first trial of this case is not over, but I will faithfully do my job. It is best to ensure reflection. I am not in vain. I really do not know why the accusers in this case did this to me. I will faithfully conduct the investigation, so that the facts can be revealed accurately. “


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