Grandmaster Tae Yeon Of SNSD Says Goodbye To The ‘Queendom 2’ Crew Very Touching


MC Or Grandmaster Of ‘Queendom 2′, SNSD’s Tae Yeon Said Goodbye After Completing His Duties As A Host. Send A Touching Sentence To All Parties Involved In The Event.

With the end of ” Queendom ” Season 2, Grandmaster Tae Yeon SNSD ( Girls’ Generation ) said goodbye through his personal social media account. As is known, Tae Yeon has carried out an extraordinary task as the MC of the event.

On June 5, 2022, Tae Yeon uploaded two behind-the-scenes photos of “Queendom 2”. In the two photos, the SNSD leader is holding two bouquets of flowers while posing elegantly and smiling sweetly at the camera.

“As soon as the last live broadcast of ‘Queendom 2’ ended, I received a bouquet of flowers as a gift when I got off the stage,” Tae Yeon said in the InstaStory.

Don’t forget Tae Yeon expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the production crew of “Queendom 2” for their cooperation. Even the singer of “INVU” humbly said that he needed a lot of help while carrying out his duties.

“The production crew who have worked hard together over the past few months, I sincerely thank you for doing my best for the lacking Grandmaster Taeng,” continued Tae Yeon.

It is a memorable project for him, Tae Yeon promises not to forget “Queendom 2”. After all, Tae Yeon has been a part of this event as well as a role model for the contestants consisting of his junior idols.

“I will not forget everything, I will remember everything. I will become a better singer too,” concluded Tae Yeon.

Meanwhile, “Queendom 2” ended on June 2, 2022. Tae Yeon who plays the role of Grandmaster has shown off his smooth hosting skills throughout the program. The 1989-born idol also gave encouragement in the form of advice and sincere hospitality to the contestants.


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