Giselle Aespa Responds To Technical Error At ‘SMTOWN’ Concert With Swag Komentar Comments


A Fan Was Recently Able To Discuss The Matter With Giselle During A Fansign Call. When Fans Tell Him She’s Proud Of Him.

Although there were many iconic moments from the “SMTOWN LIVE 2022” concert, aespa was very concerned about the problems that Giselle faced during the concert series in Seoul and Japan. Recently, the singer of “Girls” responded to various technical errors he experienced.

At “SMTOWN LIVE” in Seoul when Giselle was performing “ZOO” with Taeyong , Jeno , Hendery , and NCT ‘s YangYang , her in-ear monitor suddenly stopped working. He then said that he couldn’t hear anything but his own voice and that’s why he took off his earpieces.

In-ears allow artists to hear songs live so they can sing and dance to the beat. Despite the time between the Seoul and Japan concerts, nothing seemed to be done to improve the situation and even more problems arose.

The same thing happened, but this time Giselle lost what appeared to be her mic pack which caused Jeno to have to take her off the stage to avoid an accident. The day before, Giselle and Hendery were both late for the chorus of the song after the elevator they were in didn’t move as it should. Once he was in formation, it seemed that he was also facing problems with his attire.

On the third night of the concert, the problem seemed to have been fixed, but many fans felt guilty understandingly towards Giselle trying her best during the concert. Fans praised him for his professionalism as well as the NCT members for supporting him as they performed “ZOO”.

A fan was recently able to discuss the matter with Giselle during a fansign call. When fans told her she was proud of her and how well she performed, Giselle responded by thanking her and saying, “To hell with all those technical difficulties!” while laughing.

It’s good to see Giselle doesn’t let her troubles get her down. Since SM Entertainment is planning to hold “SMTOWN” concerts all over the world, I hope that Giselle will have no more problems and can perform stress-free.


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