(G)-IDLE Vs ITZY Vs Aespa, Who Is The Most Successful Girl Group In Gen 4?

Of The 4th Generation K-Pop Girl Groups, ITZY, Aespa, And (G)-IDLE Are Without A Doubt The Three Names That Stand Out The Most. Who Deserves To Be Named The Most Successful Girl Group Among Them?

(G)I-DLE , ITZY , and aespa are considered the top three girl groups in generation four. Who deserves to be named the most successful girl group among them?

Of the 4th generation K-Pop girl groups, ITZY, aespa, and (G)-IDLE are without a doubt the three names that stand out the most. All gained popularity thanks to their visuals, talent, and well-received songs. Therefore, it is difficult for netizens to choose which group is better than the other.

Released the addictive song “DALLA DALLA” with a confident girl-crush concept, ITZY made K-Pop excited with their debut in 2019. “DALLA DALLA” had an impressive digital feat and went viral in Korea, helping ITZY receive the title of “monster rookie .”

After their successful debut, ITZY continued to generate more buzz with back-to-back hits including “ICY,” “Wannabe,” and “Not Shy.” The group achieved great success in digital rankings, physical album sales and YouTube views.

ITZY is also famous in terms of visuals. In particular, Shin Yuna is listed among the top visuals and the most stunning female idols of the 4th generation of K-Pop.

However, in 2021, ITZY’s influence took a step back due to disappointing performances on the domestic charts with their songs, “Mafia in The Morning” and “LOCO.”

JYP’s strategy of promoting ITZY received mixed reactions as fans worried that the company was burdening the group with activities in Korea and Japan while the quality of the music was not getting enough attention.

Currently, ITZY is a bit behind from (G)-IDLE and aespa. On March 14, (G)-IDLE made a comeback with the first full album “I Never Die” and the title song “TOMBOY” after a long hiatus.

Even though they made a comeback when many group members were involved in scandals such as Soyeon plagiarizing music, Yuqi dating, and Soojin ‘s departure after the school violence scandal, (G)-IDLE still managed to achieve outstanding achievements.

In particular, the song “TOMBOY” made (G)-IDLE achieve a very good “Perfect All-kill” for the first time in their career. The girl group CUBE is also the second group in the 4th generation to achieve this feat.

From a visual perspective, (G)-IDLE is also said to be more beautiful and has a distinctive color. The group members are also very multi-talented, able to work in many fields such as acting, hosting, composition in multi-markets such as Korea, China, Thailand, or Taiwan.

Lastly, aespa is probably the most successful 4th generation girl group when it comes to achieving many achievements despite only debuting more than a year ago. Originating from SM Entertainment’s “flower garden”, aespa has an attractive beauty and AI graphic standard body.

Even though they have been entangled in many plastic surgery rumors, there is no denying that all the members have the perfect aura, especially Karina and Winter .

Although they haven’t released many songs, all of the group’s music products are doing well in digital music and album sales. Most notably are the group’s viral song with the national choreography “Next Level” and the Perfect All-kill song “Savage.”

Because of that, aespa has won the prestigious Daesang trophy which has never been conquered by a 4th generation idol. In addition, the SM girl group has also become the Ambassador and the face of advertisements of many brands such as Givenchy, CLIO.

Looking at the series of achievements of the three groups above, it is easy to see that AESPA is the most prominent, followed by (G)-IDLE and finally ITZY. Viewers think that in the future, there will be more changes when other groups such as IVE , STAYC or NMIXX are preparing for their upcoming projects.

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