G-Dragon’s Illegal Video Uploads Are Now Reaping The Pros And Cons

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Has Drawn Controversy Regarding The Illegal Indonesian Subtitled Video That He Uploaded Some Time Ago To Celebrate ZE:A’s Kwanghee’s Birthday. It Is Now Triggering The Pros And Cons.

BIGBANG ‘s G-Dragon ( BIG BANG ) some time ago had sparked a bit of a stir because he uploaded a video footage of the “Infinite Challenge” event with Indonesian subtitles . But now the video upload on G-Dragon’s Instagram Story seems to have also sparked the pros and cons because it is considered illegal.

It is known that G-Dragon originally uploaded the video in order to wish one of his best friends a happy birthday, Hwang Kwanghee ZE:A . In the Instagram Story posted on Thursday (25/8), G-Dragon also delivered a sweet birthday message for Kwanghee.

” Happy birthday, my friend Kwanghee. Memories of ‘Infinite Challenge’ ,” wrote G-Dragon in the Instagram Story post.

The IG Story includes a short video clip of the 2016 “Infinite Challenge” event. Where G-Dragon also appeared as a guest star at the event.

Referring to the video on IG Story, many accused G-Dragon of using an illegal streaming site. Where is it known that the video shared by the BIGBANG leader contains Indonesian subtitles. Not only that, the watermark on the source is also believed to be from an illegal streaming site.

It also raises the pros and cons among netizens. Some of them believed that G-Dragon might just be looking for the clip and posted it right away without much thought. While others accused G-Dragon of using illegal sources for the video footage.

” He only uses GIFs, so he’s not going to use an illegal streaming site, right? ” reads one comment. ” Wow, rarely see illegal streaming sites these days ,” said another. ” All the clips are on YouTube, so why is he using an illegal streaming site? ” another netizen asked. ” Who will watch ‘Infinite Challenge’ with Indonesian subtitles? ” concluded another.

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