‘Free From The Military’, Rose BLACKPINK’s Attitude When Meeting Fans Directly Becomes A Highlight


On The Way Home From The Live Countdown Of The Release Of ‘Pink Venom’, Rose BLACKPINK Took The Time To Interact With Fans. His Emotional Reaction Immediately Became The Spotlight.

Welcoming the comeback closer, BLACK PINK has finally revealed the pre-release single “Pink Venom” on Friday (20/8). Prior to the release, the members gathered for a live countdown.

With the last comeback in 2020 and restrictions on social activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BLACKPINK finally had the opportunity to meet fans in person after returning from the live. One of the member interactions with fans that has become the focus of many people is Rose .

During his interaction with fans, Rose said he actually played guitar in the “Pink Venom” MV. Even though Rose was in the car, he took the time to chat with fans through the open window. One of the most attention-grabbing and surprising moments when Rose is found to be very emotional.

Rose looked at her fans with teary eyes. He even occasionally wipes tears while talking to fans. “I miss everyone so much,” he said.

After the video of Rose wiping tears spread in cyberspace, netizens reacted so they were touched. On the other hand, other fans shared that Rose always had the cutest reaction when dealing with fans.

“Why is he crying for that, God, I love him so much. My little meow meow,” said one netizen. “HE IS VERY VALUABLE,” exclaimed another netizen. “Honey, don’t cry. I LOVE YOU, ROSIE,” continued another.

“Proud of you, Rose. I love you. He’s the best,” commented a netizen. “My emotional girl,” continued another fan. “I love you Rose. Don’t cry,” said another.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is getting ready to welcome their second full album “BORN PINK” after the pre-release single “Pink Venom” was revealed. The plan, the album will be released on September 16, 2022.


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