For The Sake Of A Slim Body, Kwon Nara Joins A Diet Trend Without Consuming White Foods


These Are Kwon Nara’s Tips To Maintain Her Slim Body As An Actress. Apparently, The Star Of The Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Is Following A Diet Method That Is Currently Trending.

Recently, a diet method that is currently trending among women has become a role model again. Debuting as a singer and as a member of the girl group Hello Venus, Kwon Nara apparently follows a diet method that is currently trending.

From rom-coms to medical dramas to fantasy thrillers, the 31-year-old actress can definitely pull off any role she takes on. Being a celebrity for almost 10 years, this South Korean star has managed to maintain her visuals, especially her slim body.

At her current age, Kwon Nara definitely looks younger than her age. Apart from her youthful glow and radiant beauty, her toned figure was highly commendable. Interestingly, he once talked about tricks to maintain his weight.

Apart from exercising, Kwon Nara’s diet is also one of the reasons why she is able to maintain her physique. According to a report, the ” Bulgasal: Immortal Souls ” star is following a fad diet.

It is known that Kwon Nara goes on a diet without white food which is currently popular for those who choose to be fit and great through weight loss plans.

As quoted by, the diet means eliminating white processed foods from the diet. Doing this can help improve blood sugar control and ultimately lead to weight loss.

In addition, some of the components in these white foods are unhealthy because most of them are high in carbohydrates, highly processed, and have fewer nutrients. For Kwon Nara, she used to feel a bit heavy during her debut and it was very difficult to lose a few kilograms.

“I was afraid to work out with other people because I had to expose an inferiority complex about my appearance. That’s why I started dieting myself,” she says.

“I work out on the treadmill, jump rope, and work my arms with a plastic bottle filled with water,” she says. Even though he was busy, Kwon Nara tried to do the exercises before hitting the sack and punching him.

Like everyone else, Kwon Nara started by searching the internet for possible diet tricks and found a diet without white foods. Since then, the ” Itaewon Class ” star said that he started avoiding white foods, such as white bread, white rice and sugar.

Instead of eating other foods, Kwon Nara replaces it with more nutritious foods such as apples for breakfast and will eat half a bowl of rice instead of soup. As part of keeping her body slim, she also takes care of it by exercising.


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