Flanked By 2 Handsome Actors, Kim Sejeong’s Height Is Highlighted When Reading The Script For ‘Today’s Webtoon’


‘Today’s Webtoon’ Is Prepared To Be Broadcast As A Replacement For ‘Why Her’ Which Is Still Airing In The Friday-Saturday Night Slot. The Drama Adaptation Of The Popular Japanese Series Is Scheduled To Air Starting July 29.

” Today’s Webtoon ” seems to have started a promotional period even though the broadcast schedule is still quite long. On Friday (17/6), this new SBS drama presented photos of a script reading session which was attended by Kim Sejeong , Nam Yoon Su , Choi Daniel and many more.

“Today’s Webtoon” will tell the story of On Ma Eum – a former judo athlete who joins the webtoon editorial department as a new employee and struggles to become a true editor in the midst of the competitive South Korean webtoon industry.

Kim Sejeong plays Oh Ma Eum, who gave up her dream of entering the Olympic competition after suffering an injury. He then set his dream on a webtoon, which has been a source of comfort for him since he was an athlete.

In the script reading session, Kim Sejeong showed a beautiful and enthusiastic energy. While reading a funny line, the actress made onomatopoeias that made everyone on set burst out laughing.

After reading the script, Kim Sejeong shared, “We gathered to practice for the first time, but I was nervous as if we were filming for the first time. The rehearsal was so much fun that I thought shooting in real scenes would be 100 times more fun.”

After undergoing the script reading session, Kim Sejeong did not forget to take pictures with Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel who will often compete acting with him in “Today’s Webtoon”. This portrait was immediately highlighted by Indonesian fans who highlighted Kim Sejeong’s height.

” Sejeong is so tiny when she is side by side with two poles ,” wrote a fan. ” Sejeong is so cute… so tiny , baby ,” continued another. ” HAHAH SEJEONG JD SGT MINI ,” added another. ” Smolll sejeong! Hihi so cute ,” concluded the other fans.

Meanwhile, “Today’s Webtoon” is prepared to be broadcast as a replacement for ” Why Her ” which is still airing in the Friday-Saturday night slot. The drama adaptation of the popular Japanese series is scheduled to air from 29 July. Stay tuned for the latest information here.


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