First Collaboration With Charlie Puth Reaps Spotlight, Jungkook BTS Now Dubbed K-Pop Royalty


As The News Of This Collaboration Was Reported By Almost All The Biggest And Most Prestigious Media Around The World, It Shows High Anticipation For The Song.

Jungkook ‘s first solo collaboration has been the hottest news on the Internet since the confirmation from Charlie Puth two days ago. The news has taken over all social media platforms be it Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok and many others, everyone is excited for their collaboration song “Left And Right”.

As the news of this collaboration was reported by almost all the biggest and most prestigious media around the world, it shows high anticipation for the song. Billboard even praised Jungkook as a K-Pop Royalty when reporting the news of this collaboration.

“Charlie Puth has recruited K-Pop Royalty for his next project collaboration with Jungkook BTS. Thursday night, Puth released a viral video in which he called Jungkook and offered some advice to the star on how to sing ‘Left And Right’,” Billboard wrote.

The leading TV News channel, ARY News, reported on the most awaited collaboration and named Jungkook as K-Pop Darling. “K-pop idol BTS Jeon Jungkook and American singer Charlie Puth have joined hands for the new single ‘Left And Right.’ The most awaited collaboration of South Korean and American pop has finally arrived, as the singer shares his first look on Tik Tok,” another wrote.

The cover of “Left And Right” itself has been released and depicts a bright, lively and cute concept perfect for summer. Netizens are already calling this song a summer hit. The single will be released on June 24, and a limited edition CD is available for pre-order on the site.


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