Financial Expert Predicts SM Entertainment’s Profit Will Increase Thanks To Aespa-NCT Global Promotion

Recently, A Researcher At SK Securities Commented That SM Entertainment Has One Of The Most Solid Lineup Of Artists To Expand Global Activities And Increase Company Profits.

AESPA and NCT ‘s agency , SM Entertainment, promised to increase promotions for their idols in the global market. Recently, a researcher at SK Securities commented that SM Entertainment has one of the most solid line-ups of artists to expand global activities. Hyo Ji Nam said, “SM manages 11 artists, which is much higher than any other company.”

The company operates mainly in Japan. In the second quarter alone, SM recorded around 640,000 concertgoers and is expected to attract another 1 million in the second half of the year. NCT 127 had 5 concerts in Japan in the second quarter of 2022 and is a group that is able to attract 500,000 fans per tour if they can perform continuously,” added Hyo Ji Nam.

The fact that aespa has started activities in the US is also considered a positive sign, “aespa will be releasing their 2nd mini-album in Korea and the US on July 8. The group has already surpassed 1 million pre-order copies. The total sales of this album are estimated at 1 .5 million copies.”

By signing with Warner Records, aespa will continue to promote globally, thereby expanding their fandom worldwide and touring on a large scale. In addition, “SM also plans to debut two new subunits under NCT, NCT Tokyo and NCT Hollywood next year. If 3 rookie groups join aespa and NCT 127, NCT Dream, SM’s profit will continue to grow to 87.2 billion KRW (29%) this year,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, on August 8, 2019, SM and Capitol Music Group, which previously signed NCT 127 in April 2019, announced SuperM at the 2019 Capitol Congress in Los Angeles. Then in November 2019, SM also signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency for representation in all fields.

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