Felix Stray Kids Appreciates Fans Who Provide Privacy Space When Returning Home To Australia

As Is Known, Stray Kids Went On The MANIAC World Tour With A Busy Schedule So That When The Members Took A Break From Activities Felix Spent His Time Going Home To Australia.

Stray Kids is currently on the “MANIAC” Asia and North America tour. Before ending their concert tour on September 17, the members enjoyed a well-deserved rest including Bang Chan and Felix ‘s return home from their flight to Australia.

As is known, Stray Kids has a busy schedule this year when touring Asia and North America on their “MANIAC” world tour. The group has just returned from completing 19 shows and 16 of them were completed in less than two months.

Therefore, with Stray Kids’ busy schedule, the members don’t have much time to rest. So when there was that moment Felix used his free time for the first time to visit his family and friends in Australia.

Given that the public was so busy knowing Felix was in Australia, fans accidentally met the idol who was with his family. According to fans’ comments, Felix took a walk in Sydney with his parents and younger sister Olivia and this idol showed he was enjoying his time outdoors.

Despite his presence in public, fans are unitedly very careful to protect Felix’s privacy and let their idols enjoy time with family. And this action also gets the attention of his own idol.

This is evidenced after arriving back in Korea, through his Instagram, Felix showed his gratitude to fans who gave him a lot of privacy while in Australia. In particular, Felix pronounces it in long-term writing.

“Thank you to my friends, family and fans who welcomed me back home so warmly. So much has been done for me and even if I wasn’t there physically, I will always remember the times we had together,” he wrote. Felix.

“Thanks to Stays for giving me the personal space my family and I need. Always respectful and careful to keep my life as comfortable as possible, I really appreciate everyone’s good intentions. I look forward to visiting Australia again sometime,” said Felix.

Meanwhile, Bang Chan was also there to visit his family. He went live with his family dog ​​Berry and showed off his sweet bond with his sister, Hannah.

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