Fearless, Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM’s ‘School Friend’ Names And Dare To Challenge

The Netizen Who Wrote The Comment Claimed To Be A Middle School Student With Kim Garam And Hoped That The ‘FEARLESS’ Singer Would Be Rewarded For His Actions.

Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM became a topic of discussion in online forums because he was accused of bullying at school. A netizen who claimed to be his school friend even dared to challenge the idol.

A comment written on an online forum caught the attention of netizens on Twitter. The netizen who wrote the comment claimed to be a middle school student with Kim Garam and hoped that the “FEARLESS” singer would be rewarded for his actions.

“I’m in middle school with the bitch Kim Garam. I can confirm that this is the original photo (not embedded in the screenshot) that the victim’s friend uploaded on her Instagram Story. Now no one is threatening her not to post anything because Kim Garam’s friends were also heavily blasphemed,” he wrote.

These netizens then described Kim Garam’s relationship with friends who were in the gang with him. “And they are not going to side with him now because Kim Garam himself ended his friendship with the gang as soon as he entered HYBE,” said the netizen.

He also didn’t hesitate to reveal his name, saying, “And Garam! Are you reading this? I’m Jang Hyunseo and I’m glad that justice is finally served, keke. I really hope you get kicked out and live in misery while the whole country blasphemes against you and you don’t get a job anywhere .”

Finally, he challenged Kim Garam and said, “You still have my number, don’t you? Make sure you call me after you get kicked out so we can meet up and have a fight. If you don’t want me to beat you up, keep your head down everywhere for the rest of your life because I could smash your face into it. so splinter.”

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM canceled all their schedules today, May 20 and will continue the activities of the five of them without Kim Garam. HYBE and Source Music announced that Kim Garam will be taking a temporary hiatus to recover his emotional state from accusations of bullying.

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