Fans Show Off Evidence Of Yujin LE SSERAFIM’s Adorable Behavior When He’s A BTS Fan


On June 17, A Netizen Made A Post On A Public Forum Exposing Yujin’s Past Twitter Account Showing That She Is A Big Fan Of BTS Since 2017.

Not a few Kpop idols are currently inspired to become a singer because they admire other singers. This also turned out to be experienced by Yunjin , a member of the rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM , who is now living the life that many ARMYs dream of as fans of Bangtan Boys aka BTS.

On June 17, a netizen made a post on a public forum exposing Yujin’s past Twitter account showing that she is a big fan of BTS since 2017. “The reason we found out the account belongs to Yunjin is because he used to participate in #ARMYSelcaDay, where fans BTS fans share selfies with their biases,” wrote one netizen.

Yunjin seems to have regularly participated in the show with V ‘s photos showing that he is likely the bias. It’s also not the first time we’ve seen evidence of Yunjin’s love for BTS showing his ARMY status on various occasions, such as cheering loudly for the group during concerts and dancing to their songs when he was a trainee.

Interestingly, when Yunjin joined the K-Pop industry, he was actually a trainee at Pledis Entertainment first, and participated in “Produce 48” on behalf of the label. Fans believe it was around this time that he had to delete his Twitter account.

After the show, Yujin left Pledis Entertainment in 2019 and her whereabouts were unknown until it was reported that she joined the HYBE Label Source Music subsidiary in August 2021. And of course, everyone now knows that Yujin has finally debuted in LE SSERAFIM, where she is now. became an idol under the same label as BTS.

Meanwhile some fans have expressed their jealousy over their closeness to BTS now, but it just goes to show that an ARMY can become a K-Pop idol one day.


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