‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Case Of Harassment Of Disability Girl Taken From A True Story

In The 10th Episode Of The Drama, Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) Took Over The Lawsuit Of A Suspect Who Was Charged With Raping An Individual With An Intellectual Disability.

” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” in each of its latest episodes always raises new cases for Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) and other lawyers from the law firm Hanbada. One of the things that stole the attention was the harassment of disabled girls.

In the 10th episode, Woo Young Woo took over the lawsuit against Yang Jung Il ( Lee Jung Won ), who was charged with raping Shin Hye Young ( Oh Hye Soo ), an individual with an intellectual disability.

Shin Hye Young and Yang Jung Il met at a gathering for the disabled and eventually became lovers. But problems occur when Yang Jung Il invites Shin Hye Young to have sex. Shin Hye Young’s mother who did not accept immediately sued the man.

Yang Jung Il staunchly believes that what they are doing is consensual, not sexual violence. But the man was ultimately found guilty with the judge giving him two years in prison.

As soon as this episode aired, viewers of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” immediately realized that his story was just like a true story. Lawyer Shin Min Young once published a book on the case entitled, “Why am I defending them?”

In his book, lawyer Shin Min Young once said, “The non-disabled defendant intentionally joined the intellectual disability community. He befriended women with disabilities then had sexual relations with them and opened a cell phone service using their names.”

“In fact, a victim answered questions as a witness herself and said ‘I love her so I don’t want her to be punished’, but the defendant was still convicted. In this case, it seems that only the victim thought that her love affair was true love,” added the lawyer.

Viewers of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” have been buzzing with comments such as, “It’s even sadder to know that only the victim thought it was true love.” Another viewer commented, “Taking advantage of a disabled person, he’s such a bad guy.”

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