Eun Ji Gets A Foodtruck From Apink At The Filming Location, Unique Banner Successfully Makes You Laugh

Busy Filming The Second Season Of ‘Work Later, Drink Now’, Eun Ji Got A Special Message From Another Apink Member. Not An Ordinary Food Truck, The Banners And Hilarious Photos Have Succeeded In Making Fans Laugh Out Loud.

Apink has proven their sweet and funny friendship through a food truck for Eun Ji . Currently, the 1993-born singer and actress is busy filming the second season of ” Work Later, Drink Now “.

On August 24, Eun Ji made a post about her group friends’ posts. Eun Ji uploaded a photo of a food truck equipped with cute and unique banners.

In one photo, Eunji is taking a picture with a cupsleeve with a picture of herself wearing green paint. In another photo, he is crouched near a food truck that features a banner with his face covered in creepy make-up.

“You are so amazing my Apink,” Eun Ji said in the post.

The A Pink members chose Eun Ji’s funniest photos for the banner and cup holder. There’s a big picture of Eun Ji with a Halloween-themed face on the banner and a photo of her being a green creature on the handle of the cup, making fans laugh out loud.

Other Apink members wrote cute messages on the banner like, “Kang Ji Goo (Eunji’s character)! You’ll die if you keep drinking like this.” The sentence is a pun from a line in the legendary drama ” Squid Game “.

Another banner shows a witty caption that reads, “Boss, should I send a coffee truck to that Jung Eun Ji filming location?”

Eun Ji’s post was then filled with hilarious comments. Amused by the behavior of the Apink members, they hope that their friendship will continue to be this exciting.

“Only Apink can,” said one fan. “Friends are still friends! They want to show their love for you through the photo,” said other fans. “The pinkies are very noisy. I hope this friendship will never change,” said another.

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