End of ‘Sacred Divorce’ Cho Seung-woo, different from ‘Secret Forest’, but disappointing ratings [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Bora] Cho Seung-woo played the role of a divorce lawyer in the drama ‘Shin Sung-han, Divorce’ and showed a fresh face. Although the color was 180 degrees different from the prosecutor’s character shown in the previous legal series ‘Secret Forest’, it left a disappointment in terms of viewership.

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Sinseonghan, Divorce’ (script Yoo Young-ah, director Lee Jae-hoon), which ended on the 9th, depicts the turbulent story of a lawyer specializing in divorce, and depicts people standing in the middle of a difficult life called divorce.

In the final episode, the process of lawyer Shin Sung (Cho Seung-woo) winning parental rights for her nephew Seo Gi-young (Kim Jun-eui) on behalf of her deceased sister Shin Joo-hwa (Gong Hyun-ji) was portrayed.

Seo Ki-young lived with her biological father, Seo Jeong-guk (played by Kim Tae-hyang), but suffered childhood depression due to her stepmother, Jin Young-joo (played by Noh Susanna). She lost her child a place to rest when her driver, the man she had the least peace of mind, was fired. She then sought out her uncle Shin Seong and asked him to defend her.

Shin Seong, who stood in court as a legal representative for her nephew, said, “At the age of 3, the child was suddenly separated from his mother at an important time for forming a bond with his parents. He lives in the room of his mother, a stranger, and a half brother is born. He lived through the turbulent times as they were,” claiming his father’s upbringing was inadequate. However, Seo Jung-guk and Jin Young-joo’s legal representatives questioned Shin Sung, “What is the basis for the assertion that you will raise your child better than your real father?”

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Shin Seong then met with Seo Jeong-guk, claiming parental rights for his nephew, and asked, “What did Jin Young-ju say to the coin? Jungkook didn’t say anything. Shin Seong-eun said, “My uncle, I do this, but why do you live blindfolded as a father? Even if I lose, I will continue to sue.”

At the end of the judgment, Shin Seong eventually became his nephew’s guardian. He just had to actively cooperate with his counterpart to ensure that the negotiations for the nephew’s interview were successful. Shin Sung and Seo Ki-young hugged each other and smiled happily.

From the setting of a pianist becoming a lawyer specializing in divorce, to the unique aspect of liking trot more than classical music, Shin Sung was a lawyer I had never seen before. Cho Seung-woo expressed reality and humanity in a sacred character that is unlikely to exist in reality. It contains humanism with a legal story.

In any case, the content of this drama itself could be said to be a long journey toward human daily life. Although the lawyer’s turbulent life was drawn, viewers who watched and listened to it did not complete the story. It started with expectations, but had to stop at the highest viewer rating of 7.5% (provided by Nielsen Korea, national standard).


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