Director Admits He Was Amazed By Kim Tae Ri-Ryu Jun Yeol’s Attitude To Kim Woo Bin In ‘Alienoid’ Filming

The Director Revealed The Very Sweet Attitude Of Kim Tae Ri And Ryu Jun Yeol Which Was Completely Unexpected To Kim Woo Bin During The Filming Of ‘Alienoid’.

Thursday, June 24, the feature film ” Alienoid ” held a press conference ahead of its premiere. This press conference was held in person and attended by many media crews and fans.

The director and scriptwriter of “Alienoid”, Choi Dong Hoon revealed the sweet things the cast did during filming. He admitted that he was touched by this attitude so he didn’t think too much about the results of “Alienoid” when it aired later.

PD Choi Dong Hoon admitted that he did not expect the sweet attitude shown by Kim Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol to Kim Woo Bin . The two of them were even willing to go all the way to Kim Woo Bin’s filming location in another city to provide support.

“Alienoid” itself is known to be Kim Woo Bin’s first project after a long hiatus from the entertainment world due to previous nasopharyngeal cancer. This is Kim Woo Bin’s first shooting moment after a 6-year hiatus.

“Kim Woo Bin certainly feels lonely because he has been shooting his own film for 6 years. When Kim Woo Bin was filming alone in Daejeon, Kim Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol came to cheer him on, respect him,” explained PD Choi Dong Hoon.

“I don’t know what this film will be like, but I’m happy just to see their friendship and passion,” he continued.

When listening to the director’s statement, Kim Woo Bin immediately patted the feet of Ryu Jun Yeol who was sitting next to him. He seemed to want to express his gratitude indirectly and Ryu Jun Yeol smiled.

At the “Alienoid” press conference, fans themselves also highlighted the adorable friendship of Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Woo Bin. Kim Woo Bin also showed sweet affection for Kim Tae Ri during the press conference.

Meanwhile, the first part of “Alienoid” will premiere on July 20. This film is confirmed to have 2 parts and the next story is planned to be released next year.

“Alienoid” is a sci-fi film that tells the story of the events that occur when a mysterious time portal opens and connects the Tao of the Goryeo Dynasty in search of the legendary sword with the people in 2022 chasing an alien prisoner who has been imprisoned in a human body.

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