“digamy? I’m afraid something will go wrong with my precious son..” Lee Jae-won’s father, the reason why he raised his son alone for the rest of his life (‘Hyoja’s Village 2’) [Comprehensive]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Lim Hye-young] Lee Jae-won’s father confessed that he did not start a new family for his son.

In the 4th episode of ENA’s ‘Hyoja Village 2’, which aired on the 15th, a filial piety amusement center was held, and the time when parents and filial children showed off their chemistry was like that.

Yoo Jae-hwan’s mother prepared a meal alone by making rice cake soup when Yoo Jae-hwan was away due to filming. At that time, Yoon Ji-seong found Yoo Jae-hwan’s family and proposed to have a pork belly party together, which made Yoo Jae-hwan’s mother smile.

It was Lee Jae-won and his son who visited Yoo Jae-hwan’s family first. When Lee Jae-won’s father heard that Yoo Jae-hwan went out for filming at 6:00 am, he joked, “I saw the last broadcast and saw that he slept so much that he said ‘I’m still sleeping'”.

Yoo Jae-hwan’s mother asked Lee Jae-won’s father, “How did Jae-won grow up so well without a mother? It must be very difficult,” Lee Jae-won’s father said, “If Jae-won starts a new family and Jae-won goes wrong. That scared me,” he replied. In response, Yoo Jae-hwan’s mother agreed, “It’s not easy to raise a child alone,” and Lee Jae-won’s father was embarrassed, saying, “It reminds me of the old days.” In addition, Lee Jae-won’s father said in a family introduction that morning, “Even though I was a son, I didn’t curse once. It was too precious,” he said, revealing his extraordinary affection for his son.

Yoo Jae-hwan’s mother asked Lee Jae-won’s father how old he was, and he was surprised at the age of 76. In response, Lee Jae-won’s father said, “I hear stories like that because my hair is long. I have a lot of hair,” he replied humbly.

Afterwards, Hyoja Arcade was held, and 3rd and 4th place Yun Ji-seong and Lee Jae-won exchanged parents and had time to treat each other to meals. While preparing a meal for Yun Ji-seong’s mother, Lee Jae-won asked her father to wash the dishes, much to the dismay of the hosts. 

Yoon Ji-seong had a meal with Lee Jae-won’s father and said, “I’m not married yet and I don’t have a baby, so I’m not a father. It wasn’t that easy because I was making money and living. I have a dog, but there are times when it is difficult to walk the dog and wash its paws. How would you like to raise a child? I have too much respect. Didn’t my father take care of the children by himself?”, revealing his respect.

In response, Lee Jae-won’s father said, “(In the HOT days) I have to go out at 9 o’clock, but the phone calls. The manager can’t wake me up, so he calls me in advance. 2 hours to wake up. That’s how you force it out. When I think about that, I am really sorry as a parent,” he said.

“When I was with my son, Jaewon always cooked new meals for me. It’s not easy. Also, the table is straight, but the tip of my son’s spoon does not go out even 1mm. I don’t know if other people will understand, but I think it’s very precious.” He expressed his deep affection for his son.

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